Friday, December 12, 2008

Cranberry sauce..with a twist

On this Thanksgiving, I decided to make a little variation on tranditional cranberry sauce. I followed the recipe on the bag to make the sauce and then added some sugar free cranberry gelatin I found at the local grocery store and alcohol. But since this is the SCIENCE and art of gelatin shot making, I tried a different recipe for cranberry sauce and gellified as well as liqiuorified that one too. That was sample B.

After some tastings by the family, the choice was clear. Sample A won overwhelmingly. (Sample size=5).

Sample A was made with cranberries, sugar, and water. I boiled them until the berries popped. Then mixed in the raspberry gelatin, cooled and added Absolut mandarin and some triple sec.

Sample B was made with cranberries, an orange, and sugar. I chopped them in a food processor and blended them into boiling water and gelatin.

Again, Sample A was the winner.

Upon telling a neighbor about the experiment, he asked if I had molded them into the shape of a tin can.


So I rushed right out and got more ingredients. And here's the final finished product.