Friday, September 17, 2010

"How Much More Black Can This Be? And The Answer Is, None."

Name the source of the quote and win a free gelatin shot. WITHOUT Googling it or using any other internet search engine!

The start of the flag football league is upon us. Last week was the very important choosing of the color followed by the picking of a name. Now, this is not just any flag football league. There are 208 members, sixteen teams, and sixteen games every Saturday. It is a well organized, professional rec league, that is chock full of creative peeps. So, the color is very important as your name needs to incorporate it. Past names have been "We're Bringing Sexy Black", "Nobody Puts Baby Blue In the Corner" and my personal favorite " And Then There's Mauve." But more importantly for me, the color of the team will guide my gelatin shot concoctions for the next two months.

This year's team is headed by Robert Saurer and the color he chose was......Black. Black! Of all the possible colors the two I hoped we wouldn't get were black and silver. And yep, we got black. The people around me tried to console me with such sayings as, "You could make a licorice gelatin shot." Two thoughts, first- Yuk! Second, name a black licorice liquid that you could dissolve gelatin into? None.

So after a quick google search (hey, I can use it, just not you. no cheating!) I found that the Jell-O website had a color scheme specifically for football gelatin teams. (Damn, I really want to work for them) So according to the site black= 2 boxes of grape (purple) and one box of lime (green). The only problem is grape Jell-0 is becoming increasingly rare. You may not realize this, but the variety of Jell-O flavors available on the supermarket shelves is decreasing. Jobs, unemployment benefits, and yeah, Jell-O. It's a tough world out there. Don't even try to find pineapple.

Luckily I had a couple of boxes of grape squirreled away in my cupboard. If ever the apocalypse comes and you want some Jell-O, I have it. Except for grape, I used it all up today. So, I veered from the guidelines and mixed in some other Jell-o colors, then added some food coloring (but not too much because it will leak out of the shot and stain fingers, tongues, and well.. it affects what exits your body too.) But enough about that.

Here is my latest creation, the Black Mamba #5 Gelatin Shot.

What I really love about this one is the Milky Way that appeared on the surface. So here are the first official shots for Team: Black and Deckya.