Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Mandarin

Who doesn't have fond memories of Jello with fruit embedded in it from their elementary school cafeteria. I was always a fan of the green Jello with mandarin orange slices in it. However, I was never a fan of the orange jello with shaved carrots.

So, I created a new gelatin shot with my gelatin/fruit combination.

Plus, I used a new silicon mold I purchased at AC Moore Arts and Crafts store. The mold looked like little suns and with the lack of sunshine we've been having in Boston, I figured these shots could brighten up the day.

The Madarin

1 6oz box lime gelatin
1 envelope Knox

1 can (14oz) mandarin orange slices
1 1/2 cup Absolut Mandarin
1/2 peach schnapps

When I was a kid I remember drinking the juice from the can, so I decided to add the juice and slices into the shots. Next up, I'll make some shots with fruit cocktail.

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Happy almost 4th of July.