Gelatin 101

In order to make a successful gelatin art, you need to know these four things:

1) Get yourself some good silicone molds. Ice trays work. Fred designs has the coolest items imaginable!

2) Reduce the amount of liquid if you are following the basic recipe on the side of the box or add extra unflavored gelatin such as Knox or culinary grade Progel.

3) If you are adding liquour or cordials,  substitute the cold water from the recipe with any kind of alcohol. Wait until the jello mixture is cooled close to room temp, or the alcohol will evaporate :(

4) Adding fresh pineapple, papaya, figs, or ginger will destroy your jello shot

4) Gelatin does NOT come from horse hooves....but cow pig skin. It's a byproduct of the tanning and hide industry. So if you think about it, you're being environmentally friendly and recycling...protein.  Kosher gelatin comes only from cows. You can use vegetarian gelatin that comes from pectin (fruits), agar(seaweed), or xanthum gum (bacteria).