Friday, December 31, 2010

These Shots Are on Fire! Sriracha Shotcha!

Hello Gelophiles,

Happy Almost New Year! I was hard at work on a special shot inspired by Dr. Hammer, the resident Jellyfishologist (a studier of all fish jelly).

If she were here right now, she'd want you to know that 1) Jellyfish are not fish, but Cnidarians, 2) When there are many fish of the same kind they are referred to as fish, however if there many different kinds of fish then they are indeed fishes, and 3) she'd also like to let you know she loves Sriracha, the sauce of her soul.

When we were in D.C. for a convention, she took me to an amazing hamburger joint called, Good Stuff Eatery. It was started up by Chef Spike, a past contestant on Top Chef. The menu had a variety of hamburger, fries, milkshakes, and best of all -flavored mayonnaises. This was a phenomenon that took hold fifteen years ago in Montreal, where fat and grease are welcome, but now Good Stuff is telling us in the U.S. to no longer condemn this condiment. (Incidently, the acidity in mayonnaise retards bacteria growth. Poor mayonnaise always getting the bad wrap at a pic-nic.)

Back to the gelatin shot, so Drs. Hammer, Borrelli, and I sat around the table and discussed the novel uses for Sriracha:

-Contact lens solution enhancer? No.
-Eye make-up remover? No.
-Jello shot flavor? Yes!

So here they are, two months later.........

Pineapple Coconut Sricracha Shotcha!

These shots are two layered:

Pineapple layer
Pineapple gelatin - 3oz box
coconut water- 1 cup
crushed pineapple (drained) - 1/4 cup
coconut rum - 1 cup
Knox gelatin - 1 envelope

Coconut layer
Coconut milk - 1/2 cup
Coconut water - 1/2 cup
Knox gelatin
Sriracha - to taste ( I added 1 teaspoon)

Sriracha and cilantro leaves for garnish.

These gelatin confections pack a punch. The sweet combined with the fire blends deliciously. However, you might need a traditional shot to quench the fire.

This batch was just the first of the many Sriracha explorations to come.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Jelly bells, Jelly bells, it's Christmastime in my belly..

Hello Gelophiles,

Here are the shots I created last week for the holiday festivities. Unfortunately I only had my three year old iphone, so the photo isn't great. (Sorry Apple)

The red layer is sugar free Wild Strawberry gelatin and the green, sugar free lime. Sugar-free, just cuz. I used the back to porch as a freezer and man, did they jellify quick. It is imperative that the first layer not solidify too much or the second layer won't stick. Luckily, the layers adhered and the eaters of the shots were satisfied.

Not much else to report.... yet. But just you wait for tomorrow. I am unleashing a whole new gelatin shot that will knock your socks off. So you best put on some socks in anticipation. Keep tuned...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun for all that children call their favorite time of year....

Hello fellow gelologists,

Just cuz it's tis the season, I'm making some festive gelatin shots. Simple red and green bi-layers in a reeses cup. I'll get fancier soon enough.

Today marks the official start of gelatin season. Yes, I know many people think of summer, where picnics abound and cool and fruity jell-o refreshes the palette. But winter is really the time where mass quantities can be produced. What a better freezer than the great outdoors. I just put a tray of shots on the porch. (Don't worry they are covered in saran wrap) and they should be set in no time.

While I wait, it's time for some Christmas music! It's not appropriate to hear such tunes outside of the acceptable Christmas song season (Black Friday > Christmas music listening < January 2nd) That's how I mathematically equate the appropriate time. Right now The Waitresses are rocking out, then some good ol' Vince Guaraldi, followed by Ella. AND of course time to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. It's full of incomprehensible jokes to a seven year old (I want restitution ?!?!), oddly sad and yet the most satisfying all the Christmas specials. In celebration, here is the always pleasing dance sequence.

Enjoy the first official day of Winter and I'll have some gelatin pics for you tomorrow.