Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Hungry

In the numerous TV shows and movies that feature zombies, it seems that human brains are the foie gras of the living dead world.  Whether slow lumbering creatures of The Night of the Living Dead or the limber Usain Bolt-like beings in 28 Days Later,  "braiiiiiiiins" is the call to supper.  But then I thought, hmm maybe the brains are the junk food of the human body.  Thus for Halloween, to appease both the living and the dead,  I made some pink lemonade and bubble gum brain shots.

These pieces were made with pink lemonade concentrate, bubble gum infused vodka, gelatin, and peach schnapps.   

During the next zombie attack, have a platter of these available to thwart the living dead and make for a killer Zombie apocalypse party!