Saturday, June 30, 2012

Strawberry Basil Gelee with Sour Cream Panna Cotta

June is strawberry season and a time to celebrate. It's the few weeks of the year when you can buy strawberries that taste like... well.... strawberries 

Although you can get strawberries year round, those berries have been bred to withstand shipping and storage.  Most of the berries you see at your local grocery store started their life on Driscoll's Farms in California- the largest producer of the Strawberries in the nation. Americans love their strawberries, having gone from consuming 1.7 pounds per capita in 1970 to 4.4 lbs in 2001. So in order to eat more of them more often we've had to sacrifice taste.

When I read on that Smolak farms in North Andover had local strawberries for picking, I leapt for the fields.

I admit about a quarter of the berries never made it into the picking basket.  Each sun-warmed berry burst with flavor and melted in your mouth. There was no way these would make it onto a refrigerated truck. They needed to worked with quickly so I zipped home and turned these berries into a strawberry basil gelee with sour cream panna cotta.

©Gelology - photos by Anthony Eng

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Gelaboratory!

Mad scientists and gelatin dessert lovers unite! Now you can get your geek on and satisfy your sweet tooth with The Gelaboratory™ from Gelology! 

Photos copyright of Gelology and Jordan Harrison
For Swinssnex's Summer BBQ,  I made an interactive gelatin dessert table to complement the BIO International Convention theme.