Sunday, October 30, 2011

Caramel Apple Cider Gelee Real Apples

Hello Gelophiles,

It snowed last night in Boston! This Pre-Halloween snow may be common occurrence in Montreal where it's halfway between the Equator and North Pole, but Boston?!   Regardless of the weather conditions, it is still technically Fall and I'm going to continue to make Fall themed shots! 

Recently in my Gelaboratory I've been trying to defy the laws of gravity and Newtonian physics with gelatin. I was very inspired by Chef Jose Andres' talk at Harvard about gelation. So, I've been playing with the idea of surprise. Like cutting open a fruit to find it filled with natural gelatin.  I started with tangerines, lemons, strawberries and had just been working on apples when this blog entry came up in my Google reader from That's So Michelle.

D'oh, bested!  Now I believe that ideas are like babies. If you don't birth them, someone else will.  (Okay, that doesn't make a lot of sense) I'm not going to let that stop me. So what's better than one baby..... two babies!  Here's my recipe for Caramel Apple Cider gelee in real apples.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here Comes Halloween...Here Comes Halloween!

Hello Gelophiles,

It's getting spooky out there. The Halloween decorations are going up and the number one question in the air is, "what are you going to be for Halloween?"

In my own world the question is, "how can I gelify this holiday?"  The other question is, "how do I punctuate a question within a statement ?" I need to hit some grammar books.

Back to gelatin-  Here are the lovely and creepy embedded gelatin shots that I'm calling... 
well. I'm having a creative naming dry spell. So I put it out to you. What should I call these?

I want your input. Keep reading and find out about my contest!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gelatinas Artisticas

Hola Gelophiles,

Here I am in sunny California for the weekend to learn a gelatin injection technique called Gelatinas artisticas.  This came out of Mexico about and is an intense and fun way to play with jello. 

I'll post more about the process in the next blog entry but I wanted to show my day one products.  Back to Blooming Arts Gelatin! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Candy Corns 2.0

Hello Gelophiles,

Happy Socktober!  The unofficial sock celebration month! You can celebrate by wearing mis-matched socks. Also called Opposocks!  Go ahead an trademark that one.

Back on the gelatin front, Halloween is coming up and it's time to create and recreate some shots.  These are the candy corn shots I made last Halloween but this time I used the pyramid molds for a more authentic candy corn look.

The key to these shots is the candy corn infused vodka.