Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Experiment

Yesterday I received an email asking "Can you make jello shots using just Knox and alcohol?" First, it was exciting to get an email soliciting advice about gelatin shots. Second, it reminded me of an experiment I did with a friend about a month ago. He wanted to make pure Scotch shots, so we tried.

There are two main problems with making pure alcohol shots. The first is that you have to dissolve the Knox in hot to boiling liquid. Alcohol has a lower evaporation point than water so when you boil it, the alcohol disappears, thus negating the effect of a super packed shot. The second problem is gelatin doesn't set as well in alcohol. But that you can overcome by just adding more Knox. A general rule of thumb is one envelope knox for every cup of liquid. For pure alcohol shot, try 1 1/2 to 2 envelopes for every cup of liquid.

Here was our experiment:

Scotch- Neat and Jiggly

1 envelope Knox gelatin
1/4 cup Scotch (to heat up)
3/4 cup Scotch (room temperature)
some orange zest

In a small microwave proof bowl, add the 1/4 cup Scotch and sprinkle the Knox over the liquid. Let stand one minute. Microcwave for 2-3 minutes until hot. Remove from microwave and stir. Wait to 5 minutes until cool and add the 3/4 cup room temperature Scotch and stir until mixed.

Pour into a container and set in the freezer for 30 minutes.

I would have to say, they were truly bits of solid Scotch. The translucence of the shots was intriguing. Rodin liked them, and that's what counts.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Raspberry Berets

The kind you'd make for a 31st birthday.

A friend of mine turned thirty-one last week and when I asked him what kind of shots he'd like, he replied- raspberry. Alright then. With that in mind I made some raspberry cranberry cocktail shots.

Raspberry Berets

1 6oz. box of raspberry gelatin
2 envelopes Knox Gelatine
1 3/4 cups cranberry cocktail
1 1/4 cups raspberry smirnoff vodka
3/4 cup peach schnapps

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mocha Choca Latta Jelloooo

Recently I went on to the Jello website to see what they had posted. Lo and behold, they actually had a Jello shot page. It's called their Jello Lounge and you have to type in your birthday to be allowed access. How parental! On the site they had some great ideas. Hey, I can't accuse them of stealing mine, they did invent the stuff didn't they? But what really blew my mind was that they had a recipe where they combined Jello and Pudding! Oh My God! Can it be done?! Yes, it can. So here is my variation on their Orange Mocha Minis.

Mocha Choca Latta Shottas

1 6 oz. box of Orange gelatin
1 3 oz. instant chocolate pudding
1 3/4 cups hot water
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup Svedka vodka
1/2 cup coffee liquor

Mix the jello and hot water. Let cool. Mix pudding and alcohol and beat. Combine and let sit in fridge for three hours. You can definitely boost the adult kick by adding more vodka and reducing the coffee liquor.

I had some fun taking photos in the garden of where I'm staying in Cape Cod.

And look, I even found my new shot girl!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Green Monstah goes West

A bartender here in Boston makes the most delicious green drink. He is truly a mixologist. I watch in awe as he takes a whole smorgasbord of liquids and shakes away producing this elixir that makes me happy and if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. This is my rendition of this, as of yet , unnamed drink.

I'm calling my shots The Green Monstah after the infamous wall at Fenway park.

The Green Monstah

6oz box of lime gelatin
2 envelopes of Knox gelatine
1 1/2 cups hot water
1/4 cup margarita mix
1/4 cup coconut rum
1/4 cup peach schnapps
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup apple pucker

After I mixed all this up I put them in my favorite silicon cups and let them gelatify (not a real word) in the fridge. I made these for a friend's going away party. He is taking the leap of faith and leaving the East Coast for the West. The combination of tart and sweet were well received, even by people from Ireland and Serbia who had never had a gelatin shot before!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Blood Shots

These shots were inspired by the HBO series "True Blood." If you are not familiar with it, it's a show about Vampires in deep woods Louisiana. The Japanese have created a synthetic blood product so that vampires can now live peaceably among humans...or so we think. Interesting premise, and the perfect inspiration for...... gelatin shots.

I looked at some Bloody Mary recipes and then played around in the kitchen. Here is the recipe I decided upon.

True Blood Shots
8oz V-8 Juice
1 envelope knox gelatine
Juice from 1 lime
a couple dashes worcester sauce
1/4 teaspoon wasabi
1/2 3oz package of lemon jello
3/4 cup Vodka
1/4 cup saki

I must say they looked cool. You can serve them on a wooden stake! Or skewer, whichever you have lying around the house. Taste, however.....hmmm. Let's just say they weren't the best shots I ever made. But that fits with the theme of the show. The synthetic blood supposedly meets the nutritional needs of the Living Dead but still leaves them longing for their human delicacies. For we the viewers, the shots allow us to play True Blood drinking games, like every time Jason Stackhouse appears shirtless you take a shot.

How would I rate these shots? Not A+ or -, nor B+ or B-, but maybe an O. These would be served best as a garnish with a real Bloody Mary.

Or blood.

A Pack of Pickled Peckers

Well, not pickled, but gelatified. This past weekend I made over 500 gelatin shots for the Boston Pride Parade. There were several parties Friday night as well as a plethora of brunches on Saturday. Ok, there wasn't a plethora, but a whole heckuva lot-thora.

What says Pride better than a rainbow of gelatin shots in the shape of a penis. I made six different kinds of shots, one from each color of the rainbow.

Raspberry Shequilas
Raspberry gelatin, tequila, knox, strawberry margarita mix, raspberry pucker

Fuzzy Navels
Orange gelatin, knox, peach schnapps, and vodka

Five Alive
Lemon gelatin, Mandarin vodka, Ruby Red Vodka, Limoncello, Sweetened Lime Juice

Lime Shequilas
Lime gelatin, tequila, triple sec, margarita mix

Blue Balls
Berry Blue gelatin, vodka, peach schnapps

Grape Balls of Fire
Grape gelatin, blackberry brandy, grape pucker, vodka

They went like hotcakes. Ok, they went more like penis shaped gelatin shots, which is a whole heckuva a lot more fun.

Thanks to Shawn for the photos.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marathon Monday

Back in April I made some gelatin for Marathon Monday (aka Patriot's Day). This is the day when approximately 20,000 runners hit the streets in Natick and run, run, run all the way to Boston. Last year I ran for a charity and had a great experience. About twenty hours each week were spent running the wintery streets of New England. It definitely kept the blues away. But this year I chose to dedicate my time to other projects, like making gelatin. Healthy alternative? I like to think so.

Thinking back to the marathon I clearly remembered the water and gatorade stations. It was a warm day for the race and I definitely lived for the liquid refreshment. So, what kind of gel could I make to simulate that experience.....

I know, Orange Gatorade gelatin! I started with powdered gatorade, which was difficult to find, and added unflavored gelatin to it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jello Performance Art

I just spent a lovely weekend up in Provincetown(aka Problemstown) with some friends. They have the most amazing house and in the front, surrounded by a fairy tale-like hedge fence is the most immaculate garden. The varieties of flowers is astounding. I was entranced by there the black Irises that became iridescent in the late afternoon sun.

On the first day, the weather was more murder mystery than sunny pre-summer day. The fog was thick and so heavy it felt like suspended raindrops. Well, er, I guess that's what fog IS, but you know. You can could actually feel the mist drops landing on you as you walked. I all but expected a zombie arm to come of it. Rodin and I took that time to go shopping for shot supplies. Normally the Stop n Shop in Ptown has the best assortment of Jello. But there were hardly any flavors. I guess they haven't geared up for the summer Jello glut yet. On the way back we stopped by the Police Station and applied for street performer licenses. All it takes is a valid Driver's License. And what do you know? ! We can now LEGALLY mime on the streets of Provincetown. Watch out world!

Ok, so the fog was making us crazy. But eventually it cleared and left us a sunny kitchen to make... you guessed it...... Gelatin Shots.

I was down to my last two boxes of watermelon gelatin. It is sooo delicious, but I'm not going to let a little thing like scarcity stop me from trying out a new recipe.

These shots were made from watermelon gelatin, tequila, peach schnapps, apple pucker, and cranberry juice.
It's a variation from a recipe found in "Party Shots" by Mittie Hellmich. It was the recipe book given to me by Michelle, my jello shot mentor. I call these "Shequila Shots" after the infamous tranny performer Shequita. Most known for performances on "America's Got Talent" but who also puts on an amazing show at the Barracuda in New York City.

I used the penis ice molds I found at Spencer's Gifts. After an hour in the freezer they were ready. Sean and I had a little fun using the macro function on his camera. Look how beautiful the pictures came out, and with the garden in the background. I would have to say these are the classiest photos of a penis gelatin shot anywhere on the whole wide web!

Look for us soon on the streets of Ptown doing Jello Performance Art. Interpret it as you will.