Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Intro

Welcome to the first entry for "Gelology" a blog dedicated to gourmet jello shots. "What makes them gourmet?" you might ask. Well, it's a combination of the kind of alcohol used as well as the creativity going into the recipe and the way they are presented. There aren't your Frat brother's jello shots.

The jello shot craze is just about to take off. The late 90's saw the rise of the cocktail. With the advent of the show "Sex and the City", suddenly everyone was ordering Cosmos. Presently flavored vodkas are all the range and poor bartenders can't go a second without being asked for a stoli o and soda. 

So now comes the rise and rise of the jello shot. It's fun, fruity and can be complex as all hell. The possibilities are endless, savory, puddingy.... you think of it, I'll create it. Thanks to Michelle Neou, my eyes have seen the glory of a good, not not just good, stupdedous jello shot. I hope you enjoy reading this, making them, and getting schnockered as much as I enjoy experimenting, tasting, and writing.

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