Monday, July 21, 2008

Cherry Cola Gelatins

Hello All,

I went cherry picking last week, which inspired me to make a batch of my favorite gelatin treats-Cherry Jello and Coca-cola that you eat off the stem.

These are the most labor intensive shots that I make (aside from the 14 layered Pride shots)

Ingredients to make fifteen shots.
1 3 oz. box of cherry jello
1 envelope of knox unflavored gelatine
2 cups cola (8 oz.)
1 cup berry vodka, or vanilla vodka, or white rum
15-20 pitted cherries on the stem (either sweet or tart cherries work, marachino cherries need to be drained) (for extra kick, soak the cherries in the alcohol of your choice for up to half an hour)

1) pour 1/4 cup of cola into a microwave proof bowl. Sprinkle the knox gelatin over the cola to moisten*

2)Microwave the remaining 1-3/4 cups cola in a microwave proof measuring cup for 4 minutes. Prep the cherry jello package by removing from box and tearing open envelope.

3) Carefully remove the measuring cup with a hot mit and pour over the moistened* knox. Stir with spoon and begin to add the cherry jello. Stir for one minute

4) Put bowl of cola and jello into the microwave. Zap on high for 1-1/2 minutes. Remove with hot mits and stir for two minutes. This ensures all gelatin dissolves.

5) Let cool to room temperature. You can put the bowl in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to aid cooling. DO NOT LET IT START TO SET!

6) While the mixture is cooling, pit the cherries. If you want to soak them in booze, pit and soak the cherries a half an hour before starting step one.

7)Add the alcohol to the gelatin mixture and stir one minute. Pour half the contents into to-go container. I use the ones from a restaurant around the corner. Otherwise a 9x9 pan will work.

8)Place the pan in the fridge and begin to set the cherries. If you add too much gelatin mixture they will float around. You can cut off the bottom of the cherries for stability.

9)Let sit in the fridge until the gelatin gets tacky. Then pour the remaining gelatin mixture to cover the cherries.

10)Let sit for two hours. Remove with a spoon for a rounded edge or cut with a knife.


*I hate the word moist. But it's applicable here.

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