Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wrong team, right shot

Hello all,

This year I was a little behind on the Superbowl fad. To be honest I've never really followed one since Superbowl XX when the Chicago Bears were at the sensational peak. Jim McMahon and his cocky quaterbacking aligned with Peytons running and the Fridges.... well whatever Refrigerator Perry did made for a sensational season. Plus they made a rap. A rap!!. I still have the Superbowl Shuffle on original LP. I need to check ebay and see if its worth anything. Or not.

But this year's football fad was uber beyond me. Until I decided it was a perfect opportunity to make more gelatin shots. I looked up the teams, and the Cardinals playing the Steelers, OK, Cardinals muy facil. Red. I went with a strawberry margarita shot. The Steelers were going to be a three layered, cola and grape jello with a lemon/yogurt layer sandwiched between.

However due to time constraints, I could only make one of the two kinds of shots. Why not make it like a bet and make the team I thought most likely to win. As you can see I bet wrongly.

For fun shape I used the jello football helmets and footballs molds. The shots came out winners in taste and fun, but the team....not so much.

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