Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Leprechaun's Shot of Gold!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Or if you're in Boston- Happy Evacuation Day! From what I've learned, Evacuation Day celebrates the departure of the British from Boston during the Revolutionary War. Whereas St. Patrick's Day was used as propaganda to get Irish Americans to feel patriotic towards the U.S. and enlist in the Spanish-American War.

Nowadays, adults just like to drink outside and watch marching bands go by.

In honor of this Green Holiday, I made two types of gelatin shots- The first I called car bombs. Not quite like the drink but close.
I combined lime gelatin, whiskey, Bailey's, creme do cacao, and spearmint schnapps. I always forget that when working with Bailey's it floats to the top and looks very unappealing. Like milk curdling in vinegar. But worry not, it solidifies and gives the shots and double layered effect.

The second shot was the Irish Flag. I made a three layered shot with lime gelatin, orange gelatin, and milk. To make the milky white layer I combined unflavored gelatin, sugar, and evaporated milk. The booziness came from Vodka and Triple Sec. The real trick is timing the pouring of the layers. I pre-make all the gelatin and leave them in containers at room temperature. They won't congeal if you keep it about 68 degrees. Stir them occasionally to retard the gellifying process. Then I pour one layer, place the tray in the freezer, then wait. I get a little impatient and keep opening the door and poking which can mess up the surface. You want it to be think enough to support the next poured layer but not to solid. If the layer gets too solid than the new layer will not adhere and when you cut the finished product, it separates- so sad.

Well, the shots turned out perfect and I brought them around to a few parties to much cheers and bally-hoo- or whatever irish interjection you can come up with to accentuate the theme.

Now, to start planning for the Boston marathon. What to make? If you have any suggestions write em up. The best suggestion will get a free tray of shots for their marathon party!

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carly said...

Can you post the recipe for the green car bomb jello shots?