Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here Comes Halloween...Here Comes Halloween!

Hello Gelophiles,

It's getting spooky out there. The Halloween decorations are going up and the number one question in the air is, "what are you going to be for Halloween?"

In my own world the question is, "how can I gelify this holiday?"  The other question is, "how do I punctuate a question within a statement ?" I need to hit some grammar books.

Back to gelatin-  Here are the lovely and creepy embedded gelatin shots that I'm calling... 
well. I'm having a creative naming dry spell. So I put it out to you. What should I call these?

I want your input. Keep reading and find out about my contest!

These are all gelatin shots. I am not a fan of embedding gummy candies into the gels. The gummies absorb moisture and get this funky texture and worse the ruin the integrity of the gelatin.

Using some rubber skeletons I found at Target, I vacuum formed them into molds.  I did the same with a coffin container that had silly putty in it.  

So here's the deal. What should these spooky treats be called? Post a comment on the blog and the top five names will go into a raffle.  If your name is chosen, I will send you your own mold to make these.  Granted, I am not sending them to Antarctica.

Ok..... I'll even send them to Antarctica,  so get your thinking gel-caps on!

Peace, love, and gelatin.


Kate said...

OK, oh Gel-master...how about "Sugary Sarcophaguses" get your mouth around that one...or maybe it's "sugary sarcophagi"
anyone? anyone?

Gelology! said...

Kate, you're on to something. Hmmm I'm thinking Sarcophagels!