Thursday, February 12, 2015

Put down the knitting and pick up the shot!

There's nothing we at Gelology love more than edible cocktails and gelicacies, unless it's a Broadway show. So whenever we get a chance to make shots for "The Great White Way', we jiggle and jump at the opportunity. 

Inspired by Emma Stone's character, Sally Bowles, who practically lives off a diet of raw egg and gin,  we developed a new edible cocktail that we're calling,  "Sally's Future Hangover." It's a thickened gin, tonic water and fresh lime juice "egg white" with a mango cucumber and rosewater "yolk" served inside an eggshell shot glass.  

Here's the very talented Emma Stone debuting "Sally's Future Hangover". 

Back in December we made some shots for a party hosted by Alan Cumming, the incredible Emcee of the show. During that party, while talking with Emma, I thought it'd be fun to make a shot inside a real egg that looked and feel like a raw egg, 

Using some molecular gastronomy techniques, we developed a gin and tonic with some added viscosity to mimic a raw egg white.  Using Cold River Creek gin from Maine (certified gluten free gin),  tonic water and lime juice, we thickened the shot with a plant starch made from Arrowroot.

The yolk, was more challenging and fun. To balance the notes of gin,  we made a mango cucumber juice with some rosewater. Using reverse spherification we transformed the juice into tiny egg yolks. 

Take a look for yourself and see. A vegetarian raw egg shot!

For the eggshell shot glasses, I called upon my science teaching days where we placed eggs in vinegar to dissolve the shells. After several trials, we found a technique to get just the tops off the shells.  

Here are the final results:

It was a pleasure to create something new for the incredibly talented cast of Cabaret. Emma Stone, Linda Emond, Alan Cumming and Danny Burnstein lead a dynanic cast of performers who simultaneously sing, act, dance and play instruments.  

Go see this show before it closes March 29th!

A big thank you to Emma Stone and Linda Emond for hosting us at their Fiesta backstage party! 

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