Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Madness!

We love coming up with new recipes and shapes, so there was a challenge from one of our clients this month to create a March Madness 3D gelicacy.  You would think that a basketball wouldn't be any more difficult than the footballs that we've done. But those black lines on the orange basketball were not an easy endeavor. We tried piping, food markers, but when it came down to it, food ink printing was the solution.

And we think we nailed it.  

Clink below to read more. 

The flavor is a citrus vanilla gelĂ©e. In the After Dark version, we added some citron vodka and triple sec.  You might call them the new 3-Point shot!

Thanks to Trevor Fulmer at Trevor Fulmer Creative for the beautiful pics.

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Unknown said...

good day would you be able to tell me your recipe.. and how you did it?