Friday, November 21, 2008

Football Field Fun!

We had a team flag football party the other weekend which got me thinking, "how could I make an actual football field jello shot?"

I decided to make a two layered shot with a topsoil layer below and a grass layer on top. I also garnished it with field lines and cones. To make the top soil, I needed to make brown. For reasons not needing explanation, Jell-o brand gelatin does not make brown jello. What, perhaps, would be the flavor? Maybe Durian. If you know any product managers at Kraft Foods, feel free to pass along my idea.

I decided to boil cola and add purple gelatin. This is what I did for the coffin shots, but Grape was absent from the store but they did have Blackberry fusion. That'll do pig.

For the grass, I didn't want the layer below to show through, so I made a lime green jello and added some yogurt to make it opaque. It also added a pastel green color to the grass that I liked.

The field gold lines were made with decorative frosting and the cones from Candy Corns.

Needless to say, the field was devoured in minutes.

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