Friday, August 14, 2009

Drag Queen Jello Wrestling!

It's been a busy summer for Gelology and my postings have all but stopped. Ok, they stopped, forget the "all but." But it's not for lack of fun and events. Back in July the infamous Drag Queen, Kris Knieval, was hosting Drag Queen Jello Wrestling at a bar in Boston. Jello, wigs, makeup... sounds like a recipe for disaster and fun!

Kris's mother works for a retirement home, so we were able to purchase the gallon bags of Jello which save you significant amounts of money. Their first time doing the event, Kris told me they cleared out an entire grocery store's stock of 3oz Jello boxes! This bulk Jello box had three different flavors, Lime, Orange, and Lemon. Kris told me he avoided any red Jello, as the wrestlers ended up stained pink for the next 24 hours.

The Jello Wrestling was scheduled for Monday night, so the day before we met up in the kitchen of the bar and began preparing forty gallons of Jello.

After four hours, we were done. The containers were in the walk in and we walked away sweaty and sticky. From the Jello! Come on people.

On Monday, I arrived at the bar and the tech guys were busy inflating the pool. I brought out the numerous containers that the Jello had been placed in, and it was wiggly and jiggly and ready to go. We dumped the jello into the pool. It made a satisfying sound as the large chunks of jello releases from the container and slurped into the pool. The unfortunate thing was green, orange, and yellow makes....brown. Not so pretty.

The drag queens showed up and so did the patrons. By the time the jello shots came out and the drag queens started wrestling, more fun was had than a barrel full of monkeys. Make that more fun than a jello-filled barrel of cross-dressing monkeys.

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