Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun for all that children call their favorite time of year....

Hello fellow gelologists,

Just cuz it's tis the season, I'm making some festive gelatin shots. Simple red and green bi-layers in a reeses cup. I'll get fancier soon enough.

Today marks the official start of gelatin season. Yes, I know many people think of summer, where picnics abound and cool and fruity jell-o refreshes the palette. But winter is really the time where mass quantities can be produced. What a better freezer than the great outdoors. I just put a tray of shots on the porch. (Don't worry they are covered in saran wrap) and they should be set in no time.

While I wait, it's time for some Christmas music! It's not appropriate to hear such tunes outside of the acceptable Christmas song season (Black Friday > Christmas music listening < January 2nd) That's how I mathematically equate the appropriate time. Right now The Waitresses are rocking out, then some good ol' Vince Guaraldi, followed by Ella. AND of course time to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. It's full of incomprehensible jokes to a seven year old (I want restitution ?!?!), oddly sad and yet the most satisfying all the Christmas specials. In celebration, here is the always pleasing dance sequence.

Enjoy the first official day of Winter and I'll have some gelatin pics for you tomorrow.

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