Monday, December 27, 2010

Jelly bells, Jelly bells, it's Christmastime in my belly..

Hello Gelophiles,

Here are the shots I created last week for the holiday festivities. Unfortunately I only had my three year old iphone, so the photo isn't great. (Sorry Apple)

The red layer is sugar free Wild Strawberry gelatin and the green, sugar free lime. Sugar-free, just cuz. I used the back to porch as a freezer and man, did they jellify quick. It is imperative that the first layer not solidify too much or the second layer won't stick. Luckily, the layers adhered and the eaters of the shots were satisfied.

Not much else to report.... yet. But just you wait for tomorrow. I am unleashing a whole new gelatin shot that will knock your socks off. So you best put on some socks in anticipation. Keep tuned...

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