Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yummy Gummy Jelly Shots

Hello Gelophiles,

Recently a friend told me that he liked to soak gummy bears in vodka for a fun treat. I tried it and the result was .....yuck! Yes, they packed a punch, but the texture was not my thing. They were mushy on the outside, and stringy on the inside. Now, I know that some people feel that way about gelatin but alcohol soaked gummies are much more aesthetically challenged. So here's my attempt to upgrade them into a tasty treat.

First I soaked gummy worms in a mixture of vodka and cachaca overnight.

Then I chopped the worms into small chunks with a knife and put them in an IKEA ice tray mold that makes worm-like ice cubes.

The gelatin was a combination of Sprite, Knox Gelatin, Vodka, Cachaca. I get the mixture in the fridge for two hours and removed them to create something gummy and gelatiny (not a real word....yet) and tasty.

A little fun with Photoshop care of Allison.

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