Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New from Jell-O!

Hello Gelolophiles,

There's some exciting buzz about,  Jell-O has put out some new products! I believe it's been a while since they've introduced new flavors. According to Wikipedia, when General Foods was merged into Kraft Food in 1989 there was a slew of new flavors: Berry  Blue, Cranberry, and Watermelon, to name a few.

 Well, these aren't new flavors but an intriguing marketing ploy. One is a color changing gelatin and the other.... well.......

...the other invites you to add your favorite soda!  Sounds exciting until you realize that his this product is just unflavored gelatin.  For the price of one box of Knox gelatin you can make four times the amount of gelatin purported by this Jell-o product.   Since Gelology Creations is not sponsored by Jell-O brand gelatin (ok, they just never offered me any money) I can say don't bother with it. Jell-O does have the branding and fun factor backing it, but this marketing ploy is a bit cloying with box its Mixchief slogan and Spongebob Squarepants like character. 

But the color changing gelatin.... now that's a horse of a different color!
(again gelatin is NOT made from horse hooves)
(just pig skin and cow)

I will try this gelatin and report back to you. 

Reporting live on the scene for Gelology News;  this is Matt The Gelogist.

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