Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Tannenbaums!

When Charlie Brown was searching for the perfect tree for the Christmas play, he should have called me.  Well, these gelatin creations are not for children,  but the Peanuts characters would now be in their 50's so it's legit!

These Christmas gels are made from a special soda found up in Canada called Spruce Beer. It's in the family of Root beer and Birch beer, but with a distinct pine taste.   Imagine that amazing scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree that pervades your house in a drinkable form.

Presenting O Tannenbaums!

These shots are a blend of Spruce beer, spruce beer extract, sugar, and citric acid for tartness.

Finding Spruce beer south of the Canadian border was next to impossible. It wasn't until a friend of mine told me he was heading up to Montreal that I knew I could get this beverage for my shots.  My college roommate and I drank this stuff up during our holiday seasons at McGill.

the spruce beer extract I found at Modern Home Brew Emporium-a local beer and soda brewing shop in Cambridge.

The ornaments are made form colored milk gelatins. For these photos I applied the ornaments after the gels had been formed. But they can also be added to the mold before pouring. A shout out to Patrick Lentz for the great photography.

If you can get your hands of some Spruce beer and Spruce beer extract email me and I'll send you the recipe.

Peace, love, and gelatin!

-The Gelologist

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