Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marathon Monday

Back in April I made some gelatin for Marathon Monday (aka Patriot's Day). This is the day when approximately 20,000 runners hit the streets in Natick and run, run, run all the way to Boston. Last year I ran for a charity and had a great experience. About twenty hours each week were spent running the wintery streets of New England. It definitely kept the blues away. But this year I chose to dedicate my time to other projects, like making gelatin. Healthy alternative? I like to think so.

Thinking back to the marathon I clearly remembered the water and gatorade stations. It was a warm day for the race and I definitely lived for the liquid refreshment. So, what kind of gel could I make to simulate that experience.....

I know, Orange Gatorade gelatin! I started with powdered gatorade, which was difficult to find, and added unflavored gelatin to it.

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