Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cotton Candy Dandies

Hello Gelophiles,

While at the local liquor store, Sav-Mor Liquors, I had a great conversation with one one of the ladies who works there. We started talking about new flavored vodkas and she pointed me to a Cotton Candy vodka. As she put it, "If I drank again, this is what I'd drink." With an endorsement like that, I had to try.

To compliment the vodka, I bought some real cotton candy and some Jelly Belly Cotton Candy jelly beans. These were one of the first flavors of Jelly Bellys that I'd ever tasted. I can remember going to Marshall Fields with my Mom in the 70's and if I was good, going upstairs to the candy department to pick out one bag of beans. In those days they only had six or seven flavors. I always struggled between the Green Apple and Cotton Candy. Making decisions was never my forte, even back then.

Back to the present. I decided to do an experiement. Which would taste better, fortifying the vodka with cotton candy or jelly beans? Being a scientist I carefully considered how to create a cotton candy infused vodka and one with simple syrup made with the jelly beans. Then I....

Who am I kidding? I ended putting both in. Double the pleasuer, double the fun. So much for experiment.

Here's the recipe.

Cotton Candy Dandies

2 cups water
1/2 cup pink lemonade powder
4 envelopes unflavored gelatin
12 Cotton Candy Jelly Belly beans

2 cups Cotton Candy Vodka
1/2 lb. cotton candy

Sprinkle the gelatin over the water in a microwave proof bowl. Then add the lemonade mix and jelly bellies and microwave for 4 minutes on high. Remove, stir, and let cool. Remove any jelly bean solids still in the mixture.

To make the cotton candy infused vodka, just add the cotton candy which dissolves instantly.

Add the infused vodka and pour into molds or a 6x6 glass baking dish and let sit for 2 hours.

These things tasted like candy. Ok, no big revelation. But by far one of my favorite shots made yet.

Go ahead and ask for these at your local Candy Counter. They might have them if you're really good...

but more likely if you're really bad... ;)

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