Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gelology Tasting Party

Hello Gelophiles,

Last night, thirty people came over to my apartment for a  schmorgasboard of edible treats. I'm not quite sure how to spell smoorgasboord, and I'm too lazy to google it, and that's lazy. But it was a busy past forty-eight hours. Starting Friday I made over twelve different types of gelatins. Some layered, some fruit-filled, some gravity defying, but all delicious.

I'm working on a short video about gelatin shots for a class project. We thought it'd be fun to talk about people's perceptions of old school jello shots and then expose them to gourmet shots and record their reactions. It was also just a great excuse to invite people over to eat jello.

Over 300 pieces were made and within four hours, eight  remained. Not a bad consumption rate.

Here's a photo of one serving platter. Thanks to Corey for the shot of the shots.

I'll be posting pictures and recipes of the shots over the next few days. Right now, I need a break. Well, not much of a break because I am making more shots for tomorrow's Valentine's Day benefit for the Fort Point Channel Theater. Come check out the reading and get free Gelology shots with the price of your ticket!

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SJ Petteruti said...

Looks pretty awesome! Make sure to post those recipes!