Monday, July 11, 2011

All Hail King Slurpee!!!

Hello Gelophiles,

Today is July 11th, aka 7-11. Every year on this date the convenience store chain 7-11 gives out free Slurpees.  I decided to take one of their Slurpees and doctor it up.

As a kid my mom used to doctor things up. She'd add some oregano and grated parmesan cheese to a can of Campbell's soup- voila gourmet. Or chopped apples and a dash of cinnamon to Quaker Instant Oatmeal. We were fancy like that.

So here's my doctored up version of a Pina Colada Slurpee.

King Aloha Slurpee
1 Large Pina Colada Slurpee
1 3 oz box of Pineapple Jell-o
1 envelop of Knox gelatine
1/2 cup of Bacardi Coconut rum

I made the Gelatin shots in the standard way, but for extra fun I set them in these pineapple ice cube trays.  Using a blender, I pulsed  the shots,  Slurpee, and extra ice cubes on and off for ten seconds. The Slurpee came out tasting like a bubble tea with kick.

It's like a Slurpee and Barcardi  Rum got married and had Jello babies!

It may be too late to get your free Slurpee but you can always doctor it up.  Some liquor a day keeps the doctor away. Well, actually, it probably keeps you away from the doctor because your a bit befuddled and sleeping it off.

Uh-oh. Here comes the blender causing delicious trouble!
If  you like texture and booze, you'll love this doctored up frozen treat.

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