Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Open At The Close... Harry Potter Golden Snitch Shots!

Hello Gelophiles,

This is the shot I've been so excited to make. Edible Golden Snitches. The brilliance of J.K. Rowling is that she made a seven part book series where so much is tied together in the end. Things from book one play a significant part in book 7.  And thus is the tale of the Golden Snitch.

If you recall, Harry Potter catches the first snitch, an enchanted golden sphere that zooms around the Quidditch court. Uhm Quidditch is a wizarding sports games played on brooms.  Okay, this is difficult to explain if you aren't a fan of the books and movies.

Suffice it to say, Harry catches a snitch in his mouth in book one and this story comes back into play in book 7, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. A plot perfect for a molded gelatin shot. 

And here it is!

People always inquire how I make the molds.  For the snitch, I started with a ping pong ball and covered in clean clay, a food safe non-air drying clay.  I examined photos on-line of snitches and then made my own interpretation. That's the beauty of imagination.

I built up and dug out a series of patterns that were both Celtic, geometric, and Mayan.  Just remember I am not a sculpture at all, so I had to pull out my play-doh skills.

From there, I used the Smooth-on Sorta clear from the good people of Reynolds Advanced Materials in Brighton. Andrew is always incredibly helpful.  This take a good 28 hours to form.

Now for the recipe,  I wanted it to be golden, but I'm not financially set to work with gold leaf. Yet.
So I ordered edible gold spray online.  

Golden Snitch
Lemon gelatin
Orange gelatin
Knox unflavored gelatine
Citron Vodka
Peach Schnapps
Sweetened Condensed milk
Edible Gold Spray

The gelatin set over a couple hours and I lightly sprayed the Snitch with gold.  The gold really brought out the definition of the etchings.

Now you can be like Harry Potter and can catch a Snitch in your mouth!

Let the Quidditch Games begin!

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