Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello Gelophiles,

I made a smorgasbord of my Halloween gelatin creations for  a trick-or-treating party.  I was most excited about introducing the new vampire fang gelatin treats!  I found these molds made by Fred Kitchen a month ago. They make the coolest accoutrements! 

The kids go to feast on Fangtasiellos,  Coffin Jello, and Chocolate frogs. I'm still looking for a good name for the coffin gelatin. Right now the leading suggestion is Sugary Sarcophogus. I'm leaning towards a morphing of this into either Sarcophagels or Gelcophagus.  What do you think?

The teeth came out so beautifully; I love the color contrast between the white of the teeth an red gums.  I'm proud to say these were truly LA vampires, fresh from their teeth whitening session.  The kids had fun putting them in their mouth and chasing each other around. Yeah, mayhem. 

I've had so much fun making  Halloween gelatins that I hate putting away the molds for the year!  Maybe someone will throw a "Nightmare Before Christmas Party" so I can resurrect them! (pun intended)

Thanks to Allison for playing around with the photos. I took them with a basic point and shoot camera so they needed some help.  Someday I'll invest in a real one. Until then.......Have a spooky last day of Los Dias De Los Muertos!

Peace, Love, and Gelatin,

-The Gelolologist