Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello Fellow Gelologists,

In a recent posting I wrote about Gelography- the art of printing and drawing on gelatin.  At a recent event, I was commissioned to print the logo for the Ride Studio Cafe's unveiling party of a new 7 Cycles customized bicycle line.

It was a great event and an awesome cafe right off the Minute Man Rail Trail in Lexington, MA. I stopped over recently on a long ride and had a delicious hot chocolate, the perfect break for a long bike ride. 

Using rice paper and vegetable dye markers, I was able to create their logos on top of a layered gelatin shot. Also on the platter are the Candy Corn shot, Rootbeer floats, and caramel apple cider shots inside Granny Smith Apples. 

I'll be taking the Gelography to then next level when I pick up my new printer and edible ink cartridges this week! 

Have a great day before Thanksgiving!