Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cinnamon Heart Snow Globes

February has become the month of hyped holidays-  Groundhog's Day, The Superbowl,  Valentine's Day, and The Academy Awards.  For us at Gelology, that just gives us a reason to put on our creativity caps and go to town.  

Here's the first in a series of Valentine's Day of Edible Cocktails.  They're a variation of my Snowflake snow globes, but this time with a gelatin heart and edible gold glitter.  

Introducing Cinnamon Heart Glitter Globes. A perfect way to show someone you love them.....  or that you really love shiny things.

These gels are a spicy sweet combination of marachino cherry juice, and a simple syrup made from vanilla, cinnamon sticks, and Goldschlager.  I've augmented the gold flecks found in the Goldschlager with edible gold glitter. Just hold these pieces up to the light and watch them dazzle.

More Valentine's Day creations to come.  

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