Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marsh-jelllo Peeps

Just in time for Easter, Marshmallow Peeps gelicacies.  These peeps are made from gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallows,  and a simple syrup made from vanilla and marshmallow vodkas. 

©Gelology and Vuth Neou
This mold was a year in the making.  I had three ways in mind in which to make the positive. The first was to use real Peeps that were stale. So the day after last year's Easter I bought a package, punctured the wrapping, and put them away in a cupboard to solidify.  So the week before this Easter, I pulled out the now rock hard Peeps. Unfortunatley the Peeps had gotten pinned behind some canned goods and were deformed.  I tried anyway but the molds look terrible.

The second method was to use fresh Peeps and see what would happen.  With my science teaching background I had a more than sneaking suspicition it wouldn't work. Why? Well, In order to make sure I don't have bubbles in the mold making material I have to use a vacuum chamber to lower the pressure and extract any trapped air in the viscous silicone material.  However, when you put marshmallows into a vacuum chamber this happens...

Thus the Peeps became deformed and no mold could be made. 

The final way was to make clay Peeps and use them as the positives. I missed most art classes growing up because I took choir instead, but it's good to know you are never to old to learn. The clay positives worked beautifully and I had my mold. 

After experimenting in the Gelaboratory with different concentrations of ingredients, I came up the right blend of flavors to mimic the Peeps taste. For extra authenticity I rolled the Peeps in yellow sugar and painted on eyes with vegetable dye markers.

Happy Easter everyone!

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