Friday, April 6, 2012

Titanic- My Heart Will Gel On...

Today, James Cameron's epic film Titanic premieres in 3-D  across the country.  This is timed to commemorate  the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15th, 1912.  To commemorate both the film and event, I've made a Titanic gelatin complete with fated iceberg.

For the recipe, I researched the menu from the fated voyage in the book "The Last Dinner on the Titanic" by Gary Fisher.  The last meal had seven courses and one of the choices for the last course was a Chartreuse Jelly with peaches.  I wanted to go with something different as the Chartreuse and peaches has already been done by the masters, Bompas and Parr.

The mold comes from the incredibly clever people at Fred.

Keeping the with the English Empire theme and a glacial hue I combined:

Cucumber infused Bombay Sapphire Gin (Heart of the Sea, get it?)
Lime Juice
Sea salt

Now for the elements from the movie I added:
Rose water- elegant, floral, and can be a bit cloying when  overdone, just like the sweaty handprint shot as she makes love in the backseat of the car. 

Jack Fruit -For Jack,  I could have added Jack Daniels for the adventurous American spirit that was the his character, but I wanted something more exotic so I made a simple syrup made of jack fruit. Jack fruit is a from Southeast asia and has subtle and starchy flavor.  

The flavor of the gelatin is elegant and adventurous, as the meal on board would have been. And if you were to have to many of these, your voyage too, may be ill-fated. 

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