Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A call to arms.... Jello arms!

Hello Fellow Gelologists!

It's been a while since my last posting. Worry not, jello was made, but I wasn't doing much documenting. More will come.

But I have some really exciting news! Gelology has entered the World Famous, International, Stanley Cup Finals of Jello Mold Competitions! I've entered the ...er.... Jello Mold Competition! Well, I think it's subtitled Jello's Big Adventure. I can't wait.

I've had a mold in mind for a while. All the components are sitting in my apartment and tonight the unveiling, the wheedling, the spackling, the gelmorgifying will begin. Mwah ha ha ha! (Insert flash of lightning and crack of thunder!).

I had this website bookmarked since last summer when I found out about the competition posthumously. Well, it wasn't dead, just over. There was an array of varying Jello molds, from edible agar cups, gelatinous Mother Mary's, and more. But I forgot all about it until something fired in my brain this afternoon and lo and behold the final day to register was today! Phew. Made it,

Now, if only there is still space available I'm in. But until I receive a sad and dastardly email proclaiming that there isn't space, then I am going to hope for the best.

So the preparation begins. Just like a mixed martial arts fighter, I shall begin my training. Tonight, let the games begin.

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