Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Final Countdown

Hello Fellow Gelologists,

We are in the final hours until the Gowanus Jello Mold Competition. Michelle and I've been working furiously for the past sixteen hours. Five Barack Obamas, seven White House, and twenty stars, we are approaching......completion. Now we need to get cleaned and prepped for the event.

Up at 8, we've been melting, whisking, oiling, debating, beating, sooo many "ing" verbs!

We're going to arrange jello White Houses around the Obama busts. Releasing the molds has been a challenge, The houses have to much detail and the jello keeps ripping. Bamboo stakes help. And so does patience.....

Now, President Obama is or was in New York the last few days. I wonder if he knows about my honorific? Plus, marriage equality passed last night. So much is going on in this city right now.

Yet here I sit, inventing plastic surgery for gelatin. Nose, ear, and chin augmentation has become my expertise.

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