Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama 1.0....

Hello Gelophiles,

This morning I unleashed the first Obama gelatin bust was a disaster. The poor President came out in four separate pieces.

I made just a basic cherry jell-o fortified with one envelope of unflavored gelatin, but when I poured it into the mold, it started leaking out from the side! Que lastima! Obama needs some Obama care. Or Obomney care or... dang, how is the GOP spinning now?

All I know is trial one, not a success. But I'm trying to live by the entrepreneurial mode of experimentitude: "Fail fast, fail often." The weaknessess of this mold are becoming known to me, which is good. President Obama's head is too big for the skinny neck. At least in the model I am using. Even if I manage to release the gelatin in one piece his head is going to flop over at an unnatural angle. If only I had gone to Architectural, engineering, and art school. Is there still time to earn three degrees by next Saturday's competition?

Okay, I am off to Stony Brook Fine Arts in J.P. to release Obama 2.0. Through the amazing tutelage of Ben and Kevin, I believe this next mold will be structurally better, and I am hoping to get some advice on overcoming some of the structural/media difficulties I am encountering.

Hasta la Jello.

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