Saturday, October 16, 2010

Edible Petri dishes

Hello Gelophiles,

Here's a little dedication to the scientists who also like to let loose and eat edible treats. I used apple juice for the agar-like gelatin and then tried to figure out what could look like bacteria colonies, but still, well you know, look like you want to eat it.

It was simple, i just used a fork to add drops of green gelatin onto the solidified apple gelatin. Suddenly I wonder why there isn't apple Jell-o. I feel like there was at one time. There are also used to be Jell-o 1 2 3 which separated into three distinct layers. Jello, a frothy solid mixture, and a hybrid interface. Again, that disappeared off the shelves. Maybe there is a Jell-o failure conspiracy.

Here are the photos.

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