Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Supersonic Tonic Shots

Hello Gelophiles,

In today's second part of a three parter series, I created a glowing gin and tonic shot. I'm a fan of Hendrick's Gin combined with some tonic and lime wedge. Be it known that the gin and tonic came about as a way of battling malaria. The story goes that the British were having a bad go and the mosquito-borne disease and at the time, Quinine was the only known palliative. Quinine was dissolved in water to create tonic water and then mixed with gin and lime juice to quell the bitter taste. Thus was born the gin and tonic.

Take it forward a hundred years or so and this delicious drink has been Gelologinized into a delicious viscous treat.

Super Sonic Tonic Shot
Hendricks Gin
Tonic Water
Unflavored gelatin
Lime Juice
Lime curls

Thanks to Allison Planka-Gray for the souped up version of the main photo. They weren't really taken in space. But if you have too many, you'll definitely sees stars.

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Sher said...

Absolutely too brilliant! Loved it so much, I featured it on Momcaster.