Sunday, October 17, 2010

German Gello Schatze!

Hello Gelophiles,

A co-worker of mine brought me a bunch of gelatin products from her last trip back to the Rhineland. I realize I've become one of those people who is fixated on a product or symbol and whose friends build upon that. One day you like unicorns and the next you have a living room chock full of Unicorn figurines. I'm not talking from experience....

So with the translational aid of Britta, we created some German Gello Schatze. This was the first batch. We used the excitingly named Gotter Speise and added vodka, Kirsch, and just a splash of Jaegermeister.

We were feeling kind of lazy so we just let it solidify in the bowl and ate it with spoons.

Here's Britta doing her best stern German girl face. She actually blurred the camera. Schnell schnel! Raus! That's all I know how to say in German.

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