Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polka Dot Shots aka "Funfetti"

Playing around in the kitchen on Sunday, I started to have fun with gelatin graffiti. I dipped a fork into some green gelatin and let the liquid drip off the tynes onto the surface of some solidified orange gelatin. Nothing dramatic, but I liked the idea.

I made a clear gelatin with sprite, simple syrup, tonic water, and some citric acid. After pouring a thin layer into a 9x9 pan, I let it set and then decorated the surface with red, green, blue, and yellow gelatin. The room temperature gelatin danced around the surface of the clear solidified gelatin. It was incredibly cool. The droplets solidified within a few seconds from just coldness of the clear layer. I then poured more clear gelatin, refrigerated it, and then repeated with the dots.

As a child, I had this book about a polar bear at the zoo that could make different colored dots appear on it's fur. The illustrations were vibrant and mesmerizing; these shots bring back that same soporific effect. Maybe I just ate too many of them.

I really loved the polka dot layering effect that came out and look forward to going further with it. Credit must be given to my co-worker Julia for the re-naming of the shots. Hooray forFunfetti!



Not Specified said...

please tell me how to make this without vodka

Not Specified said...
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don do it anyway